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4 Reasons to Use Disposable Drinkware in Your Bar

Plastic Cups
When you stock your bar with glasses and cups, you likely want to purchase glassware. However, for many bars, disposable plastic glasses and cups are the better choice. You can purchase plastic wine glasses and plastic cups that are the perfect size for draft beers and cocktails. The following are a few reasons to put plastic drinkware to use in your bar.
1. Avoid Running Out
You're probably always trying to promote your bar in hopes that it will become a neighborhood hot spot. Even though you might be hoping to bring in tons of customers - and tons of profits - your bar might not be fully prepared for an influx of customers. Using disposable glasses is a good way to get prepared.
If you've ever worked in a bar on a busy night, you likely know how easy it is for bartenders to run out of clean shot glasses and cocktail and beer glasses. This puts employees in a tough predicament and leaves your customers standing around without a drink in their hands. Buying more glasses to keep on hand will help, but you can still get behind with dishwashing on a busy night.
If you buy disposable cups and glasses in bulk, though, you don't have to worry about running out on a busy night when the dishwasher can't keep up. This makes things easier for employees and helps you ensure that all of your guests have a drink in their hands.
2. Prevent Accidents
One big concern with using real glassware in a bar environment is the potential for someone to get hurt. When customers are mixing, mingling, and having a good time, it's easy for them to get sloppy and to drop or knock over a drink. With regular glassware, the glass will likely shatter, and someone could potentially get cut by the sharp pieces of glass.
You don't just have to worry about customers getting hurt from your glassware, either. When employees are running around and serving drinks or cleaning up messes, they could get cut by shattered glass, too. Luckily, disposable plastic cups are safer.
3. Spend Less Time on Cleanup
Cleanup is a part of life for people who work in and run bars. This doesn't mean that you and your employees might not wish that you could cut down on cleanup, though. Luckily, using plastic disposable glassware will help.
Plastic disposable glassware is often stackable, making stacking and throwing away dishes a breeze. You won't have to worry about loading a dishwasher or waiting for dishes to dry so that they can be put away. Instead, you and your employees can simply toss the disposable glassware in the garbage and move on to the next cleanup task.
4. Provide More Sanitary Glasses
Even though you might have the proper dishwashing equipment in your bar, getting wine, beer, and cocktail glasses clean can still be tough. Lipstick stains are often left behind on these glasses, for example, and can be hard to clean off. Serving your customers their beverages in cups that aren't clean obviously isn't acceptable, but disposable glasses and cups can help.
Storing disposable glasses and cups in a clean environment, such as by keeping them in their original packaging until you are ready to use them, is important. As long as you do that, you shouldn't have to worry about customers complaining about dirty glasses.
If you're planning on using regular glassware in your bar, it might be time to consider your other options. Contact us at Finest City Paper so that we can help you choose the perfect disposable drinkware for your bar.
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