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Benefits of Disposable Dishware at Your Wedding Reception

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When you plan a wedding reception, one of the most important components is the dishware. Renting authentic plates, glasses, and flatware can get costly, which is why many couples opt to use disposable dishware. While you may be on the fence about which choice you prefer, disposable dishware offers many benefits you may not have considered.

Improved Level of Hygiene

Because disposable dishware is used by one person only, you are guaranteed a higher level of hygiene over regular dishware. When you serve a high number of guests, maintaining a hygienic event is crucial. You do not want to end up with sick guests due to any sort of contamination. Using disposable dishware will significantly reduce that risk.

Less Expensive

Another reason why many couples choose disposable dishware for a wedding is due to the cost. You certainly do not want to purchase dishware for your reception, and renting dishes from a vendor is costly. You can order disposable dishware in bulk for a fraction of the price. Keep an eye out for sales or specials for additional cost savings.

Unlimited Availability

When you throw a wedding reception, the last thing you want to worry about on your big day is the possibility of not having enough dishware. Although you can provide the caterer or event host with a number of expected guests, you never know if extra people will show up. You do not want to run out of clean dishes for any of your guests.

This is why disposable dishes are attractive. You can always purchase extra dishware just in case additional people arrive or people use more dishes than expected. You do not have to wait and see if additional dishware is available like you would if you were renting from a vendor. If you do not use the extra disposable dishware, simply return it to the store for a refund or use the extras for another event like a dinner party at your home after the honeymoon.

Consistent Uniformity

Another benefit is the fact you will have uniformity throughout your reception. When you use real dishes, you run the risk of some of them being different from the others, especially if you have to rent extra dishes at the last minute.

With disposable dishware, you do not have to worry about having different types of dishes and flatware. You will have a nice, consistent table of uniform dishes.

Safer for Young Guests

If you have children attending your wedding reception, disposable dishware is ideal. You do not want to run the risk of a child dropping a glass or plate and worry about him or her getting hurt. You also risk paying out your damage deposit to the vendor if you rented your dishes.

Even if you do not want to use disposable for your entire reception, at least consider disposable for your little guests. You can set up a separate buffet for children with kid-friendly food and disposable dishware for a fun twist.

Attractive Quality

A variety of disposable dishware products are available on the market today. Gone are the days of unattractive paper plates and white plastic forks. Many of the disposable products available are so authentic you would not know they were disposable until you looked closer. You can have a gorgeous table with the added convenience of disposable dishware.

A wedding reception is a lovely event full of memories. Do not let the stress of dealing with dishware rental vendors get you down. Please contact us at Finest City Paper, Inc. to help you pick out the perfect disposable dishware for your wedding reception.

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