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Choosing the Perfect Cup for Your Events

Disposable Cups
Disposable cups are a must-have for an event. Reusable cups can easily be lost or stolen, and there is little reason to purchase a large number of reusable cups if you will not have events regularly. Disposable cups also allow guests to take their cups with them. If you are planning on having an event, there are several great disposable cup types you can choose from.  

Protecting the Environment

If you are concerned about the environment, there are several labels you might find on cups that can determine how they would affect the environment. A biodegradable cup is one that breaks down naturally and will be absorbed back into the ecosystem. Compostable cups will also break down when placed in biodegradable materials.
Cups that break down and absorb into the environment are great for outdoor events where you do not want to concern yourself with an extensive cleanup. Cups that are left on the ground will break down on their own. Do not assume that plastic cups are bad for the environment since some types also break down in an eco-friendly manner. Some plastic cups are reusable.
If you will be using recyclable cups, make sure to collect and place them in a recycling bin to take to a facility. These cups are also great for the environment if properly recycled because they do not cause pollution and reduce the number of raw materials that must be mined to create cups.
Sustainable cups are made from renewable materials. Some materials will eventually be depleted from the earth, but sustainable cups do not deplete these increasingly scarce resources.

Protecting Your Guest's Drinks

Some cups are better at protecting a drink from outside chemicals and liquids than others. Therefore, if you are having an event in a location where you want to protect drinks from contamination, consider using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cups or wax-coated cups. Poly-coated cups will also protect your drinks from outside elements and also prevents drinks from sweating.
When holding outdoor events, your guests are more likely to need lids since insects, falling leaves, and other elements of nature might make their way into a drink. Even with indoor events, lids can protect the drink and reduce the risk that cups will tip over and spill.
One of the downsides of cups is that they are often not durable. If you need a durable, disposable option, consider buying hard plastic. Glass is not recommended because it can shatter, but hard plastic cups can be knocked over or dropped and will not break.

Keeping Drinks Hot

When serving coffee, hot tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage, make sure to use insulated cups. For one, they will keep the drink warm for longer. Also, insulated cups are more comfortable to hold. Cups with air-pocket insulation keep heat where it belongs. Foam cups also keep drinks insulated.

Preventing Spills

If you will have children at your party, consider purchasing cups that come with tight seals. When knocked over, these cups will not cause as much of a mess, though some liquid may escape through the straw.

Serving Large Drinks

One problem with some foam cups is that they can be very thick. While this offers more insulation, the cups may not contain as much liquid. If you would like to serve more liters per cup, consider using thin-walled foam cups.
Finest City Paper, Inc. offers plastic and paper cups for every occasion. Our cups come with plastic lids and straws. We also will customize our cups with your branding. We can also customize cups to indicate what type of beverage is served in the cup. Contact us today to talk about placing an order for your next event.
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