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Tips for Buying Take-Out Plates and Cups for Your Restaurant

Paper Plates And Cups
From food trucks to full-service restaurants, any business that serves food or drink has a clear need for plates, cups, and cutlery that can be taken out of the facilities. While you could go to the local paper products supplier and buy the same generic-looking products that many of your competitors use, this is not going to help your business to grow.
Everything that the customers see, use, eat, and drink needs to represent your company in some way — this includes the quality of ingredients, the atmosphere and cleanliness of the patron areas, and the plates, cups, and any other paper products used. Here are some tips to up your game with your take-out paper products.


Anything that leaves your establishment needs to have your name and/or logo on it. No matter where the customer takes the meal, people will immediately know where it came from. Quite often this will cause others to come to your place for their meal as well. You can have the bags, plates, boxes, napkins, and cups all produced with your brand on them.
Not only will people see your brand while your customers are eating, but they will also see it in the trash. Consider how often you notice something in the trash can while throwing something out yourself. Having your name on every item possible is a great way to get your brand known to the public.

Recyclable, Bio-Degradable, Compostable Materials

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to be concerned about the environment. Part of this includes using products that will not sit in a landfill for many years. Many people will say that it is enough to use plastics that can be recycled, and then leave it up to the customers to do so. However, that is just a sign of an irresponsible business owner.
Since recycling is up to the customer, you have the option of going with products that are biodegradable or compostable. When talking with the supplier, ask for items that are compostable. Bio-degradable items may be made with petroleum, which, while they will break down and be absorbed into the ground, can be toxic and will take a while to decompose.
Compostable products will break down quickly and will not contain anything that could be construed as toxic. They are made of materials that are found naturally in the environment without being treated or changed in a way that is harmful as they decompose. In fact, once they break down, they can actually be used to improve the soil.

Eco-friendly and Branded Materials

When you only use products that are environmentally friendly and have your brand on them, you are letting everyone know that you are concerned about the earth. This will show potential customers that you are a responsible member of the community. People will feel more comfortable going to your restaurant, and your business will increase.
Do not underestimate the general public when it comes to green products. While they may not go out of their way to purchase compostable items themselves, they certainly notice when a business does. You can even use this information in any advertising you do for the company — put it on your website, your facebook page, and tweet it.
The next time you need to order plates, cups, and lids for your restaurant, contact Finest City Paper. We have eco-friendly products that can be branded to showcase your company. If you need to create a logo or already have one ready to go, we can help you create the products that will help your business rise above the competition.
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